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Design institutes JSC "Tashgiprogor"

1937 year is considered to be the year of institute’s birth, when in the system of Architectural-planning department out of the small group of specialists there was created the designing office Tashgorproject further named TASHGIPROGOR.

At the end of the thirties of the last century, by the small designing office comprising 40 specialists of the architectural-planning department there was developed the first Master plan of Tashkent city redevelopment, and in the 1938-39-es there was prepared a number of reconstruction projects of capital central streets.

In the middle of sixties of the last century, after the devastating earthquake, the designing company took part in the restoration works. The industrial construction base of Tashkent city developed the construction of multi-storey aseismic panel mass housing buildings per projects of 1-ТСП series elaborated by Institute “TASHGIPROGOR”.

Until now the team of the institute created a lot of unique constructions which obtained the public recognition. There were constructed various cultural and office buildings per projects of the Institute “TASHGIPROGOR”.

Now JSC “TASHGIPROGOR” has the solid reputation of well-organized, highly professional team. Working in close contact with foreign companies the institute gains the experience of designing taking into consideration the requirements of the international standards what improves the quality and production efficiency of design works.

JSC «TASHGIPROGOR» is situated in the capital of sovereign republic with more than 2 million population at the historical square Hadra.

The modern square “Hadra” is the large traffic centre, it’s the centre of public life – there are several ancient monuments, cultural and leisure facilities near “Hadra”.

Company’s shares are included to the category “C” of the listing of the Republican stock exchange “Toshkent” (index «TGPR»).